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About Us

Ant Catcher Studio is the most professional pet ant store in Asia.

We are one of the few brands in the world that has an ant store. We lead the market forward, have received a number of subsidies from the Taiwan Ministry of Education, and have a patent for ant feeding supplies.

Our team members have more than ten years of breeding experience and independently develop many products. Our brand emphasizes sophistication and practicality, targeting the medium and high consumption market, and has distributors in Australia, Canada and other countries.  

Self-developed products

Test Tube Feeder

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An innovation that subverts the market, the world’s first Test tube feeder with pluggable spoons has a national patent certificate. This product is very popular in Australia. This product greatly reduces the difficulty of raising the new queen, simplifies the feeding process, and is very suitable for beginners.

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retail price USD$ 6.99

Special comprehensive nutrition feed for ants

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The concept of “ideal protein feed” was adopted for research and development, and it is corroborated by many related papers on nutritional intake of ants.

This feed is suitable as a long-term food source and can be used just by adding water.

It is suitable for all omnivorous or sweet-loving ants.

retail price USD$ 17.99

Micromolecule liquid feed


Made by micro-molecular technology, the tiny molecules in the feed can pass through the narrow waist of the worker ants completely, and directly serve as the main source of nutrition instead of waiting for the larvae to digest the food. Greatly increases the nutrient conversion rate, enhances colony health, and has excellent palatability.

retail price USD$ 24.99

Macaron series Ant Nest

小馬卡001 en

There are large, medium and small sizes, made of “composite gypsum”, with the best hardness among products of the same material, good water retention and air permeability, and good breeding results.

retail price USD$ 12.5~29

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AC concrete is another of our exclusive materials, which is harder than composite plaster, and at the same time less prone to mold and remains clean with long-term use.

retail price USD$ 15~33

OutWorld(Feeding Area)

中餵食區001 en

There are various sizes, pure handmade, with exquisite landscaping, with the arch bridge handle we made, so that the user will not scare the ants when opening the lid.

retail price USD$ 18~28

AC concrete New Queen ant nest


Developed for new queens, the nest itself has a feeding area function. The narrow space and the specially constructed nest shape allow queens to lay eggs at ease, especially suitable for Ponerinae or other

retail price USD$ 16.99

Microscopic Series Ant Nest


Super bestseller! Completely handmade and colored, the landscape and the ant nest are integrated. The ant nest comes with a feeding area function, which is exquisite, compact and practical, subverting the traditional ant nest impression!

retail price USD$ 39.99

Anti-escape liquid

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Sorry to say that, but this is the most effective anti-escape liquid in the world. The exclusive formula adds polymer compounds, and the perfect ratio creates the strongest effect. There is no ant in the world that has a way to cross, and the duration is at least 16 months.

retail price USD$ 19.99

Live Bait Elite

活餌菁英 營養飼料

Food for cockroaches and mealworms!

Effectively increase immunity, body shape, nutritional content and egg production.

retail price USD$ 6.99

Become our business partner

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As a professional brand, we are very considerate of our partners, we will provide you with satisfactory profits, our products are of high value, which means you will get more profits when you sell.

Beautiful products can differentiate you from your competitors and leave them behind.

Perfect support

Like you, we are very focused on quality.

We will provide business partners with complete resources, such as high-quality unmodified product images, product descriptions, answer any questions you or your customers have, and help you solve any sales or use problems.

Worried that your customers don’t know how to use it?

We have printed instructions for each product.

pictures + detailed descriptions in English, sometimes you don’t even need to introduce, customers will understand at a glance!

Want to beat your opponent?

For ambitious business partners, we also provide strong help.

Become our regional exclusive distributor, you will be the only store in your country that can import our products, we will not sell any products to other stores.

What does this represent?

This means that you will have absolute pricing rights, and you can decide whether to wholesale our products for other stores according to your own wishes.

Of course, it is very reasonable for you to charge an appropriate fee from it .

Further dominate the market

Great idea for our Test tube feeder, right?

As an exclusive distributor, we will provide you with relevant information so that you can apply for product patents.

In this way, not only other people can’t import it, but even privately manufacture it!

You will truly monopolize the market .

You can tell me the products you are interested in and I will provide further information.

If you have any questions, you can also ask me, whether it is delivery method, purchase quantity, product discount, etc.  

Looking forward to the opportunity to work with you to create a win-win outcome